HELLO... Nice to meet you!

Transmitter Shop was created by Nicky Bomba & his daughter Sera Bomba. They wanted to have a shop that they could showcase and sell products that they love. Things they use everyday, or intruments that Bomba might discover that become his new favourite.

Transitter Love falls under the Transmitter umbrella company and in the future as well consiting of a shop, it will have an online magazine, record label, tv show (we know there is a lot of things) and a hub for creative people.

So about the shop...

Nicky is notorious for collecting and finding the best and most random items (okay not all are the best - we still are questioning the time he bought 100 remote control cars in 2001 that died after the first use) and Sera being the business mind decided the next step was to have a place where other people could buy them.

The plan was to start small, and start adding more products once the shop was launched (which is where we are at now!) You can watch videos of Nicky testing out the products which you know he had a little too much fun filming)

We welcome you!

We like to think of the shop as more of Chapel Street Bizarre or a Mum and Dad pop up corner store than an Amazon or Target. Each product is hand picked because one of us (or both) really love it.

So look around, browse (if you touch something and it breaks you pay though okay? you know the deal) and welcome to the Transmitter Family!

P.S Sera is my favourite child