HELLO... Nice to meet you!

Transmitter.Love was created by Nicky and Sera Bomba (Father/Daughter) operating from Freeburgh, Victoria and Brooklyn, New York.

They are active as producers, performers, studio owners, composers, artists, designers and dabbling in other creative pursuits that just make 'em smile.

Transmitter.Love is all about sharing things that tickle our world into goodness!

Our philosophy is based on the idea that we are all, essentially, Energy Transmitters.

What message are we sending? How do we receive the messages sent to us? What are we creating? We-Are-What-We-Think... so it’s a daily mission to think our best, our most wise, our most loving.

You know.Love is the Answer. What was the Question? That kinda thing. Dig?

Coming soon to Transmitter.Love

Record label - Transmitter Records

Recording StudioTreehouse Studio

Online Shop - transmitter.love/shop (already arrived)

Tuition - Nicky Bomba workshops 

Community - Podcasts/Radio playlists/TV Pilot/ Interviews

Creative Agency - Music Production/ Film Clips/Artist Bookings/Graphic Arts

Creative Database - Joining the Dots with creatives in different mediums.